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place: Salem Spital Bern, room D20

09h45–10h00 Welcome Prof. R. Herrmann & Prof. B. Thürlimann
10h00–10h30 Early Breast Cancer Prof. C. Rochlitz
10h30–11h00 Advanced Breast Cancer Prof. B. Pestalozzi
11h00–11h20 Coffee Break
11h20–11h40 Gynaecological Cancers PD Dr. C. Sessa
11h40–12h10 Urogenital & Prostate Dr. R. Cathomas
12h10–12h25 Hot Topic ASCO
relevant for Private Oncologists
Dr. A. Hügli-Dayer
12h25–13h30 Lunch
13h30–14h00 Lymphoma, Myeloma Prof. C. Renner
14h00–14h30 Rares tumors (H&N-Melanoma) Dr. N. Mach
14h30–15h00 Thoracic Tumors Prof. R. Stahel
15h00–15h20 Coffee Break
15h20–15h45 Colorectal Cancer Prof. R. Herrmann
15h45–16h00 Upper GI tumors PD Dr. A. Roth
16h00–16h15 Closings Remarks Prof. R. Herrmann & Prof. B. Thürlimann