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place: Stade de Suisse - Future Lounge

09h40–09h50 Welcome and Introduction Prof. Dr. Richard Herrmann
09h50–10h25 Early Breast Cancer Prof. Dr. Beat Thürlimann
10h25–11h00 Advanced Breast Cancer Prof. Dr. Christoph Rochlitz
11h00–11h15 Pause
11h15–11h40 Urogenital & Prostate PD Dr. Frank Stenner
11h40–12h15 Gynaecological Cancers Prof. Dr. Cristiana Sessa
12h15–12h35 Hot Topic 2011 TBD 
12h35–13h20 Lunch
13h20–13h55 Lymphoma, Myeloma PD. Dr. Christoph Mamot
13h55–14h30 CNS, Melanoma, Tumor immunology Prof Pierre-Yves Dietrich
14h30–15h05 Thoracic Tumors Dr. Solange Peters
15h05–15h20 Pause
15h20–15h50 Colorectal Cancer PD Dr. Arnaud Roth
15h50–16h10 Upper GI Prof. Dr. Richhard Hermann
16h10–16h15 Closing Remarks Prof. Dr. Beat Thürlimann