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09h45–09h55 Welcome and Introduction Prof. Dr. B. Thürlimann
09h55–10h25 Breast Cancer Prof. Dr. S. Aebi
10h25–10h55 Lung Cancer Prof. Dr. M. Pless
10h55–11h15 Break  
11h15–11h45 Upper GI Cancer Prof. Dr. A. Roth
11h45–12h15 Lower GI Cancer Prof. Dr. B. Pestalozzi
12h15–12h45 Gynaecological Cancer Prof. Dr. V. Heinzelmann
12h45–13h30 Lunch  
13h30–14h00 New Drugs Prof. Dr. C. Sessa
14h00–14h30 Sarcoma Dr. Y. Metaxas
14h30–15h00 Melanoma Prof. Dr. P. Y. Dietrich
15h00–15h15 Break  
15h15–15h45 Urogenital Tumor Prof. Dr. J. Beyer
15h45–16h15 Lymphoma Prof. Dr. T. Cerny
16h15–16h45 Head and Neck Cancer Dr. S. Rothschild
16h45–17h00 Closing Remarks PD Dr. R. von Moos

Participation fee: CHF 80.– (registration and lunch included)

The participants of the PostASCO Symposium
will be eligible to receive 5 SGMO credits category B.